Tuesday, November 29, 2011

40 Days of 40K Haiku

Let's get this shit over with.

At the risk of turning this into an all-Warhammer 40K, all-the-time blog, I'm going against my better judgment and posting the collection of 40K-themed haiku I tweeted over the course of, well, 40 days. I'll do everyone a favor and hide it behind a break.

For those who haven't been following this nonsense, the idea was a lark inspired by having to come up with a bio for the latest issue of Kill Screen (out now!). "Let's say I tweet Warhammer 40K haiku," I wrote to my editor, when he asked for a few lines and my Twitter handle. I immediately logged on and threw together a few lines with the hashtag #40daysof40Khaiku. And only after I'd committed, as always happens with my projects, did I realize what I'd gotten myself into. To my great surprise and delight, along with a hint of self-loathing, people seemed to enjoy the result. They even asked me to collect the results and publish them.

So, by popular demand, Space Marine Teddy Roosevelt presents: 40 Days of 40K Haiku.