Friday, August 27, 2010

Not Dead Yet!

Despite work's best efforts to sling me on the Dead Collector's cart, I'm not quite dead yet. Infinite Lag will arise from its weeks-long slumber soon, I promise!

For now, a quick update. Tomorrow I'll be attending Boston GameLoop with a bunch of awesome folks, including developers from local powerhouses Harmonix and Irrational, what looks like almost the entire staff of little-studio-that-could Demiurge, academics from the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Lab, and a slew of indie designers and industry professionals. Seems pretty neat: everyone gathers in the morning to brainstorm possible topics for talks, the organizers schedule sessions on a giant whiteboard, and the panels develop organically according to expertise and interest. Looking forward to seeing what this "unconference" has to offer and to sharing my experience here on the blog.

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