Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Links

A few choice morsels as we head into weekend territory:
  • Leigh Alexander strikes again. Her article at Gamasutra alleges that Activision suits have consistently pulled the plug on projects featuring female protagonists for dubious business reasons. Cue crazy "political correctness" outrage.
  • A terrific blog post by Greg Kasavin on how Limbo confounds our narrative expectations.
  • I'm not sure I fully agree with Kirk Hamilton about Inception being 95% exposition, but his recent piece relating that film (and a few others) to game tutorials is thoughtful and well-written.
  • At the Experience Points blog, Scott Juster writes about how game systems create a sense of mastery and power in the player by setting up (and allowing us to break down) limits.
  • This short Starcraft video from Korea is bananas. CHICKS DIG THE TOSS, BRO.

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