Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Links

Infinite Lag returns from the dead to bring you this exciting assortment of links!

Hi, friends. Sorry I've been away so long. We'll be back to your regularly scheduled posting soon, promise.

Meantime, enjoy this fresh batch of links:
  • Last night Mrs. JPG and I were guinea pigs at the MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, focus-testing some new games in development. There is some absolutely incredible stuff happening here. Whether you're a developer, educator, critic, or fan, this place is a treasure trove of material to explore. Look for a recap of our experience right here on the blog soon.
  • Bill Harris exposes some bizarre DLC antics from the folks behind the apparently underwhelming Crackdown 2.
  • At The Escapist, Steve Butts writes about how even great RPGs encourage players to overlook moral contradictions.
  • I have Rob Zacny to thank for putting Captain Blood on my radar.
  • Rob and I recently attended a reading of Tom Bissell's new book Extra Lives in Harvard Square. It's a terrific read. You should buy it.
  • Listening to My Brother, My Brother and Me in public places could be hazardous to your social standing, depending on your tolerance for being seen laughing like a fool. But it's totally worth it.

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