Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Rotation, June 2010

Crunch time at the ol' day job means there will probably be a distinct lack of new and/or interesting content here at Infinite Lag for the next week or two, so let me take this opportunity to introduce a new feature, In Rotation. Toward the end of each month, I'll do a series of quick capsule impressions of the games I've been playing. This will serve the dual purpose of allowing me to feel productive while also allowing me to be lazy.

Here's what's been in rotation this month:

XBOX 360
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla. I wrote about this one already. Still digging it, although it's severely taxing my compulsion for completionism. Planning to use this game as an example in a future piece about achievements, collectibles, and psychology.
  • Alan Wake. Wrote about this one already too. (Twice, even.) Finished the game on Normal last week, and while I enjoyed the story for what it was, I doubt I'll attempt a second playthrough. Keep an eye out for this one (again!) in an upcoming post on risk-taking in games.
  • Modern Warfare 2. Okay, sensing a trend yet? Managed to complete the single-player campaign, fight through about half of Spec Ops mode, and get dominated a few times in multiplayer before having to return this game to the library. Yes, my public library has games. I know, right?
  • Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues. Mrs. JPG's favorite series of games takes a sharp turn for the worse in the first Lego game I actually have to work myself up to play. Ditching free play mode for the hub worlds was a neat idea in theory, but poorly executed. And who were the designers who said, "You know what we need more of in Lego games? Crappy vehicle levels!" Really hoping they had more time to work on Lego Harry Potter, which releases next week. The more we play it, the more it becomes obvious Lego Indy 2 is a half-baked, blatant cash grab. wife is begging me to play video games with her. Not really a losing proposition.
  • Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. I love me some old-school Dragon Quest, and this remake of the NES classic delivers. At some point in the probably distant future, I'll do a Tale of the Tape pitting the DS versions of DQIV and Final Fantasy IV against each other.
  • Civilization: Revolution. It took me a while to get into this one, since I didn't (and still don't) have a full understanding of all the mechanics of the game. The in-game tutorial info isn't great, and I'm still not entirely clear on how resource-gathering and management works. Still, there's something relaxing about building armies and moving them around a map.
  • Torchlight. Hallelujah for Steam on Mac! Really glad I don't have to dual-boot anymore to play this excellent, cartoony dungeon-crawler. About 7 hours in, my Vanquisher is almost at level 15, and my wrist muscles are nicely traumatized. Once I've finished Torchlight--if this is a game that even can be finished--I'll do another Tale of the Tape pitting it against another favorite of the clickfest genre, Titan Quest.


  1. Too bad to hear about Lego Indy 2. The first one was a ton of fun, and Indy 2 is one of my pile games.

    My wife also likes the Lego games - she wants to try the new Lego Harry Potter.

  2. Have you played the Lego Harry Potter demo yet? It's already a better experience than Indy 2. And I read there's only one vehicle level in the entire game, thank goodness.

    Having multiple playable hub worlds in Indy would be great IF you could switch characters with the shoulder button, like in free play mode in the other games. Instead, once you have purchased each character, you have to run around the hub and find them wandering about somewhere in order to switch to them. Bizarre.