Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Links

Your choice morsels for this week. Please to enjoy.
  • Destructoid's Chad Concelmo gets a bunch of animals at the LA Zoo to make E3 predictions. I want this dude's job.
  • Fellow GWJer Switchbreak, inspired by this post, creates the world's first Second-Person Shooter.
  • Kieron Gillen at Rock, Paper, Shotgun writes about the controversial new "Hey Baby" game, in which the the player, as a female character being harrassed on the street, gets to enact her revenge on the catcallers with a machine gun. "That your passing desire means you get to derail a woman’s life whenever you feel like it," he says to the dense male audience he's explaining the game's social commentary to, "is the absolute definition of male privilege." Do yourself a favor and DON'T follow up by reading the moronic comments on the RPS forums.
  • Michael Thomsen's article "Revival Horror: New Ideas in Fear-Making" contains some great quotes from developers on how to create effective scares in a game.
  • May I suggest pairing the above article with a second course? The folks at Irrational Games discuss what scares them and how that factors into their games in their podcast.

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