Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm a Dinosaur

And the thing is, I'm really okay with that.

The fact that it's April 2010 and I'm just now starting a gaming blog - how quaint! - should tell you something about how perennially one step behind I am.

At the risk of projecting a certain Get Off My Lawn curmudgeonliness, let me confess to a tiny bit of pride in that fact.

I've never bought the latest gadget on release day. It takes me at least three months to come round to buying a new release game, and only then if it's on sale. For crying out loud, I just got a Steam account a month ago.

In the race to keep up, I'm going to lose. Fortunately, I've never been as interested in keeping up as I am in digesting what's happened.

That's what I hope Infinite Lag will become - a venue to examine the trends, ideas, design concepts, politics, and contradictions that shape gaming and our passion for it. And to do so in a way that's not necessarily obsessed with what's on the horizon, but rather how what has happened has impacted what's happening. Think of it as the gaming industry equivalent of the Slow Movement.

See you in last week's news.

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