Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Links

First, the heavy stuff:

A blogger on 1UP, Matt Clark, tries to confront Microsoft via their PR firm, Edelman, about child labor abuses at a sweatshop in China that manufactures, among other Microsoft products, Xbox 360 controllers.

From Kotaku, two good pieces:
And now, for something completely different:

The First Person Observer is your source for the latest in-game news.

I fully intend to stay away from commenting on the whole Activision/Bungie thing, but the graphic on this article is too awesome to not link to. (We'll see if Swami Pachter's prediction here turns out to be as Dr. Panglossy as his last.) Besides, Ryan Geddes at IGN has a more nuanced perspective than I on this issue.

Russ Pitts' Editor's Note at The Escapist this week links to several interesting takes on the question of whether gaming's glory days are long gone.

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